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What ecommerce web development can do for you

Across the globe, more and more consumers turn to online retailers every year. By 2027, the worldwide B2C e-commerce market size is expected to reach US$ 6.2 trillion. If your company wants to be in on the action, then you need a highly professional, user-friendly ecommerce site that entices your potential customers to hit that ‘add to cart’ button.

And that’s where Ruby Digital can help! Whether you want to…

Add a simple shopping cart to your website

Use an existing platform like BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, or Wix to showcase your range, or

Design an entirely new, bespoke ecommerce website from scratch

…our ecommerce web design agency will help you find the perfect solution, and ensure it’s executed beautifully. VIS Nigeria offers world-class e-commerce web design in Abuja Nigeria.

Promoting your ecommerce website

Of course, building a stunning, responsive, and user-friendly ecommerce website is just the beginning! To complement our services as an innovative ecommerce website builder in Abuja Nigeria, we bring our extensive digital marketing expertise to the table too. VIS Nigeria will help you market your offering with services such as:

Pay-per click and Google ads

Search Engine Optimisation

Content Marketing and Link Building

Google Shopping Ads

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Social Ads: LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook

It’s our knowledge and experience across all these channels that makes us the best e-commerce website development company for brands looking for a truly one-stop solution. From start to finish, we’re dedicated to providing a satisfying shopping experience for your customers, and the best possible ROI for you.

VIS Nigeria offers e-commerce website design in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and across South Africa. Grab your free e-commerce web design proposal now!

The benefits of ecommerce site development

Vastly expand your reach

Unlike a physical store, there’s no real limit as to where your customers can be located with ecommerce. One of the biggest advantages of working with an ecommerce website company like us is the digital marketing experience we bring to the table. This means that beyond ecommerce website designing, we can also help you identify and target your ideal customer personas – wherever in the world they may be.

Incredible access to customer data and metrics

Every person who visits your website leaves behind information that you can use to improve your service, make adjustments, and boost conversions. Where did they click and why? If they abandoned the site without buying something, at which point did you lose their interest? Wherever patterns emerge, you’re left with actionable steps you can take to improve your store’s performance.

Simpler than you might think!

If you already have a website you’ve put a lot of love and work into over the years, you might expect adding ecommerce functionality to be a massive undertaking. This isn’t necessarily the case, as many hosting platforms now offer ecommerce plugins that (with a little knowhow) are pretty straightforward to integrate. Whatever the case, our ecommerce website development team will ensure your hard work and website content don’t go to waste.

Reconnect with existing customers

As an ecommerce web development firm, helping our customers grow brand loyalty is one of our primary objectives. There’s a lot of digital noise out there, and keeping your brand front of mind can be challenging! That’s why we build forward-thinking features like email collection and PPC remarketing into the ecommerce platforms we develop.

Leverage the power of digital content

Another important point to remember is that websites can offer significantly more information than a human salesperson, and they’re available all day every day. Making your products available online, along with detailed specs and descriptions, lets buyers access as much or as little info as they want, whenever they want, from the comfort of home.
VIS Nigeria offers ecommerce website design in FCT Abuja Nigeria.

Custom design or existing ‘off-the-shelf’ ecommerce platform – which is right for you?

VIS Nigeria offers both custom ecommerce website development and assistance with migrating to or launching your store on a hosted ecommerce platform. Which of these is right for you will depend on several factors, which we’ll discuss with you during the consultation process.

Some of the hosted Ecommerce platforms we work with include:



WordPress eCommerce plugins like









Custom ecommerce website development services are generally best suited to established businesses with a large product range, but not always! While ecommerce platforms like Wix and SiteBuilder are simple enough for someone who’s never built any kind of website before to use, things get tricky when you need to customize features. Sometimes the changes you need, especially when scaling up, aren’t even possible.

With a bespoke, custom-made ecommerce web design, the entire framework is built around your exact needs. No two businesses are the same, and cookie-cutter website templates will never pack quite the same punch as a tailor-built solution. If you’re really looking for that wow factor, then you’ll need to team up with an expert ecommerce website development agency like us.

That said, if your product range is relatively simple, developing an ecommerce site from scratch doesn’t make sense financially, and can be time consuming. Thankfully, there is a middle ground too – as there are several hosted platforms that offer an extremely high level of customizability.

VIS Nigeria’s experience with ecommerce website design in Nigeria means we’re able to guide you in the right direction for your brand. This includes a vision on how your current website could be smoothly expanded and scaled up as you grow.

What’s included in our ecommerce web design process:

Strategy and Ideation

After discussing your vision, our ecommerce website design and development team start laying out some options for you to choose from. Apart from stylistic features like themes, colours and fonts, we consider how functionality like your payment gateway, email collection, and third-party apps can best be integrated. In addition, our ecommerce web developers work closely with our digital marketing experts to ensure each template answers all the needs of your target market.

Design, Database and User Experience

We look at how we can build in the functionality you need, such as an easy-to-use content management system, while delivering a seamless experience for your customers. Very importantly, we flesh out in detail how your site framework can be extended and scaled up as your business and product range grows.

Payment Gateway and Shopping Cart Integration

Opening your business up to international customers means providing as wide a variety of payment options as possible, while ensuring absolute security. Our ecommerce development company offers flawless payment gateway and card integration, including real-time transactions and authorisation.

API Integration

There are multitudes of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) which may be beneficial to your business and customers. Aside from allowing visitors to log in and search your site more easily, some of these allow for better mobile performance, or enable affiliate marketing functions. Our ecommerce web design company will guide you in which ones are best suited for you and your shoppers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our extensive SEO experience makes us the best ecommerce development company for any brand looking for an all-in-one design and marketing solution. A huge part of your online store’s success lies in its search engine visibility, which is why we build SEO into every step of the development process.

Testing and Launch

Site glitches and errors aren’t just frustrating for online shoppers, they make them question the safety and security of your platform. That’s why our ecommerce website development services include exhaustive pre-launch testing, so we can get business off to a bang for all the right reasons!

Marketing Strategy

The best online store in the world won’t be profitable if people don’t know about it. As a full-service online marketing agency, Ruby Digital is expertly positioned to guide your business on which marketing channels to pursue, and help you implement them.

Ongoing Support and Continuous Improvement

More than just an ecommerce web development agency, we aim to develop long-lasting relationships with all our clients. We want to see our clients succeed, grow, and expand into new markets. Whether you need advice or assistance implementing a new strategy, we’ll be there to help.


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