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Find out how a dedicated web development agency can benefit your business:

No Longer Invisible

More people use the web to search for businesses than ever before, without a website you’re invisible to them.

Boost Business Credibility

Having a website that consumers are able to find gives your business a greater level of credibility.

Always Open

Having a website allows consumers to reach your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Access to a Wider market

2.4 billion people use the internet every day. Without a website you are reaching 0% of them.

What is website design, and why is it important?

We may know not to judge a book by its cover, but in the competitive online landscape, companies are most certainly judged by their websites! The look, feel, and user-friendliness of your website is your chance to make a great first impression… or a not-so-great one.

We’ve been offering world class web design in Abuja and across  Africa for many years, and we’ve learned how crucial it is to get all the elements of web development right for our clients. These include navigation, speed, readability and consistency, an effective layout, and many behind-the-scenes coding elements.

What is Web Development? How is it different from Web Design?

If you imagine a website as a building, web designers are like the architects, and web developers are like the engineers that make the architect’s vision come to life. They take all the stylistic and aesthetic elements of the website, and turn them into functioning websites.

The very best websites come about when designers and developers are able to work together towards a shared vision. As both a web development and web design agency, Ruby Digital is able to bring all these aspects together seamlessly!

Our Web Development Solutions

First impressions matter, and what better way to create a positive one than by having a professionally designed and highly user-friendly website?

At VIS Nigeria we understand the importance of having a website for your business. More and more consumers are taking to the internet to find products and services, and without a website you are invisible to them, leaving them no choice but to go to your competitors.

Having a wonderfully designed website is useless if it’s not converting visitors into customers! That is why we create websites that are optimized for conversion, giving you a website that is both beautifully designed and extremely functional.

Our team of dedicated web developers handle every aspect on your behalf. This includes keeping servers running perfectly, handling website security and privacy, and maintaining your valuable databases. We do what it takes to guarantee you have a beautiful website that runs smoothly 24/7, 365.


What makes VIS Nigeria different from other web design and development agencies in Nigeria?

A big benefit that VIS Nigeria has over other website development companies in Johannesburg is that since we are also an SEO company, we are able to create websites that are designed using the latest SEO practices, giving your website increased visibility. Additionally, your website is designed from start to finish by us – we don’t outsource to other web design companies.

We consider all options to ensure that your targeted audiences have the best user experience possible and that they can be immediately captured and converted. Our creative design strategy results in high traffic conversion and ultimately increases your bottom line.

As an experienced design and branding expert team, we have successfully designed and constructed multiple e-commerce websites for start-ups and corporations in a wide range of industry verticals.

Talk to us today for your creative design needs and let us help you make a real difference in your bottom line!

What goes into developing a good website?

If you’ve spent any time online at all, you’ve probably heard about some of the amazing website builder platforms – like WordPress, Wix and Weebly – that allow anyone to create their own basic website for free. This has been one of the biggest game changers of the digital age, as it’s allowed even the smallest businesses to establish a foothold in the online landscape. 

This is pretty awesome! But unfortunately, it’s also meant that as businesses start to grow, they’ve often been forced to build off a basic website that hasn’t been designed with the long term in mind. As search engines like Google have started factoring elements like user experience, mobile friendliness and load speeds more and more into their algorithms, these websites see their SEO rankings start falling.

Consumers’ tastes and preferences in websites have also changed. Increasingly, simply designed and easy to navigate sites have become more popular. One of the most common mistakes we see in our web design and development agency is sites that try and cram too much information and too many visuals into their homepage, confusing and frustrating the visitor. This makes it a lot more likely they’ll click away and go looking for information from a competitor instead.

Another common mistake is focusing too much on the visual aspects, and not enough on developing a website that actually works. The most beautiful website in the world won’t get you customers if they can’t actually find the information they’re looking for.

Some of the key elements we incorporate in our web design in Nigeria include:

Easy navigation

Logical layout and page hierarchy, easily clickable buttons, use of breadcrumbs and more

Consistent colour palette and font use

Tasteful and consistent use of brand colours, combined with legible fonts and visually appealing elements gives a sophisticated, polished look

Speed and mobile friendliness

Allow potential customers to access your website quickly and easily, wherever they are and whatever device they’re using

Customer journey

Help your visitors find what they’re looking for easily, and guide them to the next logical action

Engaging content

Easy to follow, helpful and entertaining content that answers your customers’ questions

Brand consistency

Create a memorable impression of your brand with consistent use of brand logos, images, typography and colours

Content Creation and Management

While the look and feel of your website help to establish its identity, it’s your content that gives it a voice! Our extensive team of talented and experienced content creators will craft engaging and informative copy that takes your website development to the next level.

They say ‘Content is King’ for a reason – good content marketing will always be part of effective web development. Our ability to offer design, SEO and content services all in one sets us apart from other web design companies in Abuja Nigeria. 

Get in touch today if you’d like to find out more about our comprehensive WordPress website design service.   If you’re looking for web development in FCT Abuja or anywhere else in Nigeria, our expert web developers will consider all of the above and more in creating a visually impressive, highly functional site for your brand.

Convert customers, build trust, and boost SEO through state-of-the-art web development in Abuja and across Nigeria

What is the purpose of your website?

That’s the very first question our expert web developers will ask when coming up with the optimal design for your brand. For a site to perform at its best, its design needs to align with your ultimate objectives. 

Here are just some of the things the VIS Nigeria web design agency can do for your business:

Build trust with your potential customers

A professional-looking, organized and polished website makes it immediately clear that you’re a force to be reckoned with! If visitors are instantly impressed by what they see, they’re a lot more likely to trust what you have to say.

Boost SEO

Great website development and solid SEO always go hand in hand. As one of Nigeria’s most respected SEO agencies, we know the key part design plays in how sites are ranked by search engines. Well-designed websites have lower bounce rates, load faster, convert better, and rank higher. Find out more about our famous SEO services here.

Generate sales and revenue

A visually appealing, engaging website that’s easy for customers to navigate makes them a lot more likely to choose you over a competitor. Your website is your best chance of convincing a potential client that you’ve got exactly what they’re looking for.

Establish your brand as an authority

A professional website makes it obvious that you know what you’re talking about! Ensuring your website is a valuable source of information, packed with helpful resources, does a lot more than just encourage customers to buy from you. It also helps establish you as an industry leader, and an expert in your field.

Encourage customers to make contact, leave their email address or subscribe

Done right, your website can become your best performing salesperson. Use our cutting edge web design in Abuja Nigeria to generate new leads on a consistent and ongoing basis.

WordPress website design

From its early days as a simple blogging platform, WordPress has grown into a full-on content management system that millions of businesses use to power their websites. (Even giants like CNN and Forbes use WordPress!) One of the great advantages of using WordPress are significantly reduced costs and time frames, as you don’t have to go about coding an entire website completely from scratch. 

Another benefit for our clients is the ease with which they can add new content (like your latest blog post) themselves, without needing a third party to upload it on your behalf. And while the basics are very simple, if you want your WordPress-powered website to really stand out, you need expert level skills and experience.

That’s where our WordPress website design service becomes invaluable. Whether you already have a WordPress based website and need help adding more functionality and plug-ins, or like the idea of a website you can add fresh content to easily, this service is perfect for you.

In addition to these advantages, there are several other benefits which come from using a WordPress site:

  • You have a variety of beautiful themes to choose from
  • All templates and themes are already fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices and tablets
  • WordPress sites are designed to load quickly
  • Maintenance is simple and easy
  • Huge variety of plug-ins and additional features available
  • Intuitive and straightforward user interface
  • Automatic Google indexing
  • Best practices followed as standard, and regular updates keep the system stable
  • Easy integration with third party applications like social media platforms

One of the reasons we’re such fans of WordPress website design is how well the platform integrates with SEO. Aside from helping us build great-looking, highly functional websites for our clients, it also makes our job of getting them ranking higher in search results simpler too!

Web design in Abuja Nigeria: How the Ruby Digital process works

We take a unique approach to website design in Abuja and across the country. No two companies are the same, which is why we always strive to meet each client’s unique needs and objectives through our thoroughly tested process:

Website Brief and Identity

We start development on your site by taking you through our brief and discussing your needs in detail. Our developers will also discuss your brand identity, tone, and brand message.

Functionality and Forms

We offer various functionality for websites including form submissions, chatbots, shopping service, blog page, social links, embedded video, and tracking tools.

Content and Blog Development

Our copywriters are on hand to optimize any content received, as well as, produce content for your website or blog.

Website Security and Maintenance

VIS Nigeria offers a high quality website security and maintenance plan with every website build. These include automatic updates, content updates, CSS changes, and a host of additional website tasks.

SEO Shared Hosting Services

Our SEO team offers support in the form of website hosting. Hosting on the correct server can increase website speeds which in turn, improve rankings for your website.

Site Performance Tools

We will ensure that the correct site performance tools are installed. These include Google Analytics, Search Console, and Tag Manager tools.

No matter what industry your business is in, our web design and development experts will deliver incredible results every time. Combined with our extensive, award-winning SEO services, we’re the web design agency that delivers unbeatable results every time.

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